Partnerships with NZTECHNOLOGIES

NZTECHNOLOGIES participates in mutually beneficial partnerships with other Information Technology companies and web site owners.

IT COMPANIES: If you own an Information Technology company that needs to outsource its client's projects periodically, you would benefit from partnering with NZTECHNOLOGIES. Your company will continue to handle all communications with the client, and NZTECHNOLOGIES will work in the background to ensure you meet your clients' deadline, while providing exceptional quality solutions.

CONTENT PUBLISHERS: NZTECHNOLOGIES's writing staff provides syndicated content for your print publications and online newsletters or web sites. You will receive html code to paste into your existing web site, and the articles will be automatically updated on a regular basis, meaning your content is always evolving- which will keep your readers coming back!

WEB OWNERS : In addition to providing articles for site content and online newsletters, NZTECHNOLOGIES is open to partnerships with other web owners for the purpose of cross promotion advertising. Banner and link exchange partnerships can be designed to benefit both companies.