Database development


A key service provided by NZ technologies is the development of database applications. If you are looking to get database developed for the first time or then are looking to have your current database assessed and overhauled by a professional, then turning to NZ Tech’s database experts is your best bet.

Database development

There is a huge demand of professionals in the database development field. We have great expertise and experience in database development, database speed optimization, database backups, and database maintenance. Our consultants have successfully implemented hundreds of database driven projects using MS Access and SQL Server technologies. We can help your company with any level of project.

NZ tech’s database consultants are often called in to implement custom database solutions, Integrate & Manipulate Data from many sources using DTS/Integration Services and for optimizing the store procedures.


  • Our database experts coordinate fully with the clients so as to determine your requirements and needs.
  • We assess your existing database (if any), and identify the right solution and technologies that they should implement.
  • Your Database architecture & development complies with Industry Best Practices.